Holiday Gift Idea: Punk Rock Foodie TShirts

I’m not a huge fan of over-consumption – of food or other stuff – simply because it’s holiday time. But I’m not a total Scrooge! A carefully selected gift, like a lovingly-baked Russian Teacake, is a delicious indulgence. Since we’re deep in the heart o’ the season, I thought I’d pass along some fun gift ideas over the next few weeks. Merry, merry!

Your friend and family have surely heard you talk about dino-chow or paleo or eating clean or the Whole30 by now. Surely someone on your gift list would love a t-shirt like this:

Or this:

Or this:

These adorable, rabble-rousing designs are brought to you by the giant brains (and big hearts) behind Whole9Life. Available in men’s and women’s styles, you can get one for a friend – or yourself… I won’t tell! – at the Whole9 Spreadshirt Store.

Holiday Gift Idea: Kickass Mixing Bowl

I'm not a huge fan of over-consumption – of food or other stuff – simply because it's holiday time. But I'm not a total Scrooge!...

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  • Ehsa says:

    Again with a mention of the faintly mysterious, possibly pre-Revolution, Russian Teacakes. Sorry if your recipe is already posted, but I can't find it. Is it (a) already available or (b) forthcoming? Would love to know more about it/them (the recipe/the teacakes)!

  • Tanya (a Taste of T) says:

    I'm going to need that tank

  • Melissa 'Melicious' Joulwan says:

    Hey, Ehsa.

    The recipe is 100% poison: butter, flour, pecans, powdered sugar… so I probably won't publish it here, but if you shoot me an email, I'll send it to you. 🙂