At Least I’m Not Doing Them in Prison

Check out Ken Andes article, “A Completely Criminal Exercise Program.”

While he was a social work student at Rutgers University, Andes studied the prison system, and he wrote this article about burpee workouts behind bars:

I can’t remember the name of the prison where this exercise program came from, but it was one of the worst maximum security prisons in the country, similar to the way Alcatraz used to be…. To these inmates, being strong and in good physical condition was vital to their survival…. To this end, most of the inmates at this prison practiced a workout called the “burpee workout.”

It was made to give someone the type of functional fitness needed to fight, run, and move with speed and explosiveness whether you’re standing on your feet or lying on the ground. As it was meant to give you an edge in surviving violent encounters, this workout will also give you plenty of stamina.

So yeah… if I have to be doing burpees at 8:45 p.m., I’m glad it’s in the Glamour Room.

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