One Hundred Pushups

Dave’s on a quest to do more pushups, and because I hatelove them, I decided to join him for this 6-week One Hundred Pushup training program.

Because neither of us can ever do anything the easier way (or, more accurately, I can’t ever do anything the easier way and I cajole him into playing along), we decided to use our Perfect Pushup paddles, rather than just doing the reps with our palms on the floor. (It feels like doing renegade rows without the pull in the middle.)It’s also, like, ridiculously hard. I can do about 35 regular pushups in a minute, on my toes and getting pretty darn low, elbows neatly tucked back instead of chicken-winged out to the side.

With the Perfect Pushup paddles, I can do three max, and the last one is a pathetic, forget-about-a-flat-back, oops-I-bent-my-knees struggle back into the “up” position.

Sad, really.

Anyway, if you’re so inclined, you can check out the One Hundred Pushups program and join in the fun.

My plan is to gut it up with the Perfect Pushup paddles for the six weeks so that by the last Spartan 300 Challenge workout, 50 pushups on the floor will seem easy in comparison. Good plan, right?

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