These are some of the most important people in my life, and they show up in my posts regularly. Here’s a little cheat sheet to help you keep everyone straight.

Dave, My Husband

In addition to being a handsome devil, Dave is my favorite person on the planet and probably in the universe. He writes songs with messages that wriggle into your brain while you’re rocking out, and his voice is warm like bourbon. He also has mad skills on the guitar, as well as the computer keyboard. He’s funny and earnest, with a brilliant imagination. We’ve been a couple since 1992 and were married in a magical wedding on July 7, 2007. I find the courage to accomplish all kinds of kickass things because he’s at my side.

Smudge, My Cat

Smudge joined our family in 2010. So far, she’s destroyed some really cute green sheer curtains with sparkly diamonds on them, a pretty wicker hamper, and a distinguished brown leather club chair. It’s a testament to both her adorable personality and compellingly soft belly that she’s still allowed in the house. You can learn more about her via Smupdates.

Roni & Tom, My Parents

My parents set the bar pretty high for cooking, loving, and generally being the kind of people who’ve always got your back. My dad is part Lebanese, Mom is part Italian and part Slovak… which begins to explain my somewhat volatile emotions and my abiding love of Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, and eastern European food. They live in Pennsylvania in a house with a kickass kitchen and a deck that invites grilling. Together, we play the “you know how that would be good” game in which we reinvent recipes together on the fly… in restaurants, the car, in line at an amusement park, the phone. My dad always has a silly joke and a kind word to share, and my mom always smells really good, especially when she’s providing hugs.

Melissa & Dallas, My Nutrition Mentors at Whole9Life

Before working with Melissa (a.k.a., Moxy-Boss) on my nutrition, I had some really f*cked ideas about food. Thanks to coaching from her and Dallas – and multiple experiences with the Whole30 – I can now “just eat.” In addition to knowing all kinds of helpful stuff about solid nutrition and training, they are genuinely best-quality people. I’m very proud to say I’m one of their Envoy Extraordinaires. If you are ready to radically change your life, you need to go to the Whole9 site right now.