More on the Meal Map

Hola! I’m back from Mexico — with some serious bug bites on my ankles, a somewhat uneven tan on my shoulders, and a decidedly relaxed vibe hanging around my entire personage. Not bad.

While I work on a real blog post for you beautiful people, I wanted to direct your attention to the Whole9 Blog. Last week, I told you why I think you should pre-order a copy of their book It Starts With Food. Today, Melissa and Dallas published a sneak preview of the Meal Map I contributed to their book — including a free PDF sample download. So exciting! It’s reminding me how tasty some of those recipes are. Mexican Pork Chops! Citrus Chicken! Sweet Potato Hash! Dreamy Avocado Dressing! And a poached pear dessert that is just so pretty (and delish).

Here’s another of Dave’s food photos to whet your appetite. Now… go! Take a sneak peek at the Meal Map — then pre-order your copy of It Starts With Food. You know you’re going to want to read it; why not order it now?!

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  • Jeanye says:

    It’s the coolest thing ever!! I can’t wait to make some great meals. Thanks, Mel!!

  • JennF says:

    OK, the meal map sold me. I just pre-ordered the book!

  • Amber says:

    Just found out I have celiacs and in turn found your blog. Makes it a bit less of a travesty to loose gluten when you see people who are enjoying life on a much stricter diet. I tried you SB & J burger today and loved it! I will Be getting your book and just pre ordered this one. Having yummy pictures of foods that I can eat is also soothing. Oh gluten! I loved you so much, why didn’t you love me back?!

    • Mel says:

      I’m sorry to hear about the Celiacs… that’s not fun. But I’m glad you found me!

      Be sure to hit me with questions via email if you need help making the transition. Hope you enjoy the recipes!

      And yes, gluten is a big-time frenemy 🙂