Rants & Raves – 05/18/12

Oh, the webbernet! It gets me all riled up with dire news and mainstream idiocy, then blammo! it hits me with something so awesome, it must be shared. Dear friends, welcome to this week’s collection of Rants & Raves.


Last week, I only had two small rants to share. This week? I had so many articles that made me smash my head against the desk, I had to break them up between this week and next. Sometimes it’s just like that.

Scientific American Busts Some Organic Farming Myths
Prepare to feel stabby. This article gets real about four key points regarding organic farming, and among us friends I gotta say, it made me frown. Here’s a tidbit that will leave a bitter taste in your mouth: “… there are over 20 chemicals commonly used in the growing and processing of organic crops that are approved by the US Organic Standards. And, shockingly, the actual volume usage of pesticides on organic farms is not recorded by the government.” Get the whole story here.

New & Improved: Poison with Less Poison!

Hallellujah! 7-Eleven has added a low-calorie Slurpie to their menu. “Slhttp://meljoulwan.com/wp-admin/post-new.phpurpee Lite will target females in their 20s with this tagline: ‘All flavor. No sugar.'”… “‘We talked to a group who said they would drink Slurpees more often if we take out the sugar and reduce the calories,’ says Laura Gordon, vice president of brand innovation.” Get psyched, everyone. May 23 is “SlurpFree Day.”

I just threw up in my mouth a little.

Seriously. Not even joking about that. This article made me nauseous, so proceed with caution. Employee + meat slicer = missing finger –> teenager’s sandwich. Ew.



Now that we’re appropriately grossed out and potentially riled up, let’s turn to the stuff that restores our faith in humanity…

Turns Out, It Takes More Than Shoes
Sketchers claimed that some of their shoe lines — like Shape-Ups, Resistance Runner, Toners, and Tone-Ups — could give women toned legs, tighter butts, and a slimmer body “without setting a foot in a gym.” Sounds bogus, right?! So bogus that the Federal Trade Commission has called bullsh*t. Sketchers has agreed to pay $40 million to settle complaints that the company deceived its consumers. Sketchers still purports that they told the truth about the magical powers of their shoes, but “could not ignore the exorbitant cost and endless distraction of several years spent defending multiple lawsuits in multiple courts across the country.” I wish they’d confess their culpability in selling false dreams, but at least some people will get their money back… so they can buy Inov-8s and hit the gym.

I feel the same way about my Sitti bowl.

I love this story about a girl, a baking sheet, and big dreams. As anyone who’s read Well Fed knows, I have a deep, abiding affection for my Sitti bowl (named for my great-grandmother and used almost every day in my kitchen). Do you have a favorite piece of kitchen equipment? Share in comments!

Growing Old is Definitely Not for Sissies
And neither is high fashion. I dare you to not be delighted by these photos of women of a certain age rocking it hard in killer couture. As I’ve told you before, I’m modeling myself after the athletes in the book Growing Old is not for Sissies — and hardcore fashion pics of elderly ladies speak directly to the fashionista inside me. Barbells with a side of Prada, Chloé, and Miu Miu when I’m 70-something? F*ck, yeah.

photo shamelessly borrowed from Tom and Lorenzo

While we’re talking about fashion…
If you’re not reading Tom and Lorenzo, you are cheating yourself out of a luscious treat. It’s the fashion+bitchy-brilliant writing equivalent of fresh mango +coconut cream: indulgent and worth guilt-inducing-even-though-it’s-not-really-bad-for-you bite.

No matter how gentle I am, mine always turns to mush.

The Kitchn (for which I will always have a soft spot since they gave me the “Best Healthy Cooking Blog” award) lays down some science on “How to Make Better Guacamole.”

Just for Fun

From BoingBoing.net, I think every cook needs Kitchen Kong:

I don’t want to ruin the surprise by saying too much, but I think you will laugh with delight if you click on this link. Like, really laugh out loud. A lot. (I am 12.)
And oh! Good golly! Be sure to read the “About” page, too.


Right on!

From Beauty has no BMI:
Please, please subscribe to their RSS and get these awesome messages on a regular basis.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! Dave and I are on very official business in San Antonio today, exploring the Pearl Farmer’s Market and touring the Culinary Institute of America for future blog posts (Thanks, Austin Food Blogger Alliance!). Tomorrow is our much-needed secular sabbath. Be good to yourselves while I’m unplugged — see you back here Monday.

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  • Insomniac Mom says:

    Melish…have you ever thought about having a links page on your blog? I am new to this paleo thing and although you provide links in many of your blog entries – it would be awesome if you had a list of great online paleo resources all in one spot! Thanks!

  • Desperate says:

    My adult cross-fit children have turned me on to a paleo lifestyle and after buying your book, I am hooked! GREAT BOOK!!! Have a lot of weight to lose but it seems to be coming off very slowly. In your experience is this normal? I think I am losing inches.

    • Mel says:

      Paleo isn’t really a quick weight-loss diet, but it is great for losing fat and inches (and, ultimately, pounds)… but it’s not always as fast as other, less-healthy, less-good-for-you-in-the-long-term methods for losing weight. Try to be patient and hang with it!

      And then, after you’ve got the basics nailed, you can start tweaking if you’re not seeing the weight loss you want.

      • Desperate says:

        Thanks! Was already Gluten free,so the transition hasn’t been too difficult. I do feel better, have been trying to stay away from fruit and limit nuts.
        I am on the road a lot and struggle with snacks but overall my hunger is under control. Again, I love your cookbook and receipes! It has helped me tremendously with the prep and trying new things. THe califlower pilaf…I made it for Mother’s Day lunch. I own over 300 cookbooks. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  • Primal Pants says:

    The article about organic farming made me so sad!!! We try to buy local to support the local farmers and avoid GMO’s and pesticides…it really makes you think…WOW!!

    You ROCK, Mel! Thanks for having an awesome website!! 🙂

  • Tonja Pizzo says:

    I can’t wait to play with Mel’s Fun Bags!! (LOL!!! THAT IS HILARIOUS!!!) XO