Rants & Raves – 04/28/12

I’m not going to sugarcoat, friends: I’ve had a terrible two days. Or, more accurately, life has been normal, and I’ve been unable to effectively manage my perspective enough to stop pouting.

That’s the thing about hormonal wonkiness: when hormones aren’t working properly, it’s like a veil is covering the world, tamping down the good, making everything kinda meh. Intellectually, I know life is awesome, but I can’t quite get all my feelings aligned in that direction. I’ve been moody and oh-so-tired  this week — after feeling like a champ last week. And that’s how it goes while I adapt to the new supplements and continue experimentation to find the right dose of Cytomel.

So this morning, I’m off to the craptastic to pick up some heavy stuff, then put it back down. And there’s plenty of other good stuff to report on the personal front: I went to two restorative kundalini yoga classes this week, ran from the zombies and survived three (!) zomb attacks, contributed a guest post to Breaking Muscle, got an invitation to contribute recipes to Paleo Magazine, spent an evening with The Bloggess, and received an offer from a major publisher to write a book.

Let’s see how things went around the web this week…


Stuff that made me want to smash my face into the desk in frustration or outrage, in no particular order…

This quote is describing Coke: “Our products are part of a balanced, sensible diet…”
Read more from Coke’s VP and Chief Scientific Regulatory Officer and others about how poor, beleaguered soft drinks are really OK for everyone to drink.

I have to say, “Um, Really?!” to both
Message to Nutella: How can you market nutella as a “nutritious” food? Delicious? ABSOLUTELY. Healthy? Not so much.
Message to the Mom behind the class-action suit: You really said that you were “shocked to learn that Nutella was in fact, not ‘healthy, nutritious’ food, but instead was the next best thing to a candy bar…” Shocked?! You’ve eaten Nutella, right?! I mean, it TASTES like a candy bar. What did you think that meant?

The Ultimate Frankenfood?!
Pizza Hut Middle East now offers a pizza with a crust of mini cheeseburgers or chicken fillets. Should that not prove disgusting enough for you, head to the UK for a hot dog stuffed crust. I have to admit, sometimes the fast food monstrosities tempt me — I’m looking at you, Doritos Loco Tacos — but when I want Middle Eastern food, I’ll stick to traditional stuff like kibbeh, stuffed grape leaves, and baba ghanoush. They can keep their Crown Crust Pizza.


Whew! Let’s indulge in some good stuff!

MUST READ: Whole9 Movement Series
Melissa and Dallas of Whole9 invited smart cookies from the fitness and nutrition community to weigh in on their top 5 movements for lifelong fitness. There are some surprises and some serious consensus (Hello, deadlifts!) Aside from the fun factor of seeing what everyone had to say, the tips are an easy way to give your regular routine a tune up. Read Part 1. Read Part 2.

Everybody is Upside Down
A video and article about How to Become a Handstand Beast, that includes a four-step process that will work even for beginners who are intimidated (as I was!) by kicking up against the wall. Starting with wrist strengthening and progressing through various scaling options, it’s everything you need to turn your world upside down. (Take a stroll through history with all my posts on my handstand adventures.)

The Secret Ingredient Is…
This Huffington Post slideshow on secret “make everything taste better” ingredients is really fun — especially because they accepted my submission of Sunshine Sauce! It’s slide #18, but is currently ranked #2 in the Top 5 Secret Ingredients. Yummy!

TCMTG Flashback: Think About Something Else
My tips for overcoming temptation when delicious-tasting, not-so-good-for-you-foods are trying to convince you to eat them.

Taste, THEN Salt
Blogger Joanna Goddard offers  ridiculously adorable (and tremendously useful) reminders about proper table manners. My parents were sticklers when my brother and I were kids: no elbows on the table, fork resting on the plate between bites, napkins in laps… the whole shlemiel. But I didn’t know this one: “The way to sit in your chair is to pretend a cat is in front of you, a mouse is behind.”

Deliciously Baffling

There are no words…

Pizza shirts from (where else) PizzaShirt. Net

And please, please, PLEASE let this be real.

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  • Stephanie says:

    That tweet is epic! I once had a student write in a lab report that we were using a “peach tree” dish to grow bacteria haha!

    • Mel says:

      “Peach tree”… that is beautiful!

      At one of my first real jobs, co-worker wrote in a client document that it was a “doggie-dog world.” Love it.

  • nuttmegs17 says:

    Hugs to you! I have been there…finding the right dose is not easy but once you get there it is totally worth it! you are in good hands with a dr who knows his stuff – and that is half the battle. i believe you are on HC which tells me your adrenals aren’t working and if your adrenals arent’ working, it makes it harder for your body to process the thyroid meds. as your adrenals catch up, you’ll tolerate things better. did you go hyper on cytomel? for me, after each dose adjustment, it takes a good week or so for my system to settle down. thanks for keeping us updated and being honest. its definitely not a quick process but in a year you’ll be a new person (possibly even in less than a year).

    • Mel says:

      Thanks for the support! Yes, when I take a full dose of Cytomel every day, I feel great for a while, then BLAMMO!… I have trouble concentrating and feel edgy and emotional and “hyper”-ish. I need to cut back to a 1/2 tablet a day and see how that goes. SO annoying.

      • nuttmegs17 says:

        Weird…I just got a thyroid panel back the other week and my T4 and T3 are both lower than they should be…my doc raised my cytomel (T3) and i feel great in the morning and then by 2pm….I crash “bam”! So frustrating. i dont go hyper – I get fatigued in the afternoon…now have to talk to the doc to see if i need more cytomel in the afternoon or if maybe HC is what is needed (I have low cortisol)…did you make any progress on this front?

        • Mel says:

          I don’t know if I’m making progress. I’m on a supplement protocol that I’m sticking with until July. Some days, I feel really great. Some days, WHAM! I need to take a nap. I feel like MAYBE my energy is getting a little more consistent, but I have so many hormonal things happening, it definitely goes beyond the Synthroid+Cytomel, so I’m trying to be patient. Good luck to you!

  • Lydia says:


  • Tracie says:

    Lack toast and tolerant…..PRICELESS!!!
    If I want anything close to the devil known as “Nutella” I eat Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter. I don’t do it often because it does have a bit of sugar in it but not like Nutella.

  • Iris says:

    Hi Mel,
    Thanks for the handstand tutorial, it is great.

  • Hey, thanks for linking to my website. Really appreciate it! And the pizza clothing is sweet, too.

  • Janine says:

    Holy cr*p Mel. You HAVE got to write another book. Your writing style is hilarious. Rant and Rave is my fav “what’s up” fix. Like reading the newspaper…only much more fun (and educational).

    • Mel says:

      Thanks, Janine! I gave a verbal acceptance of the contract today. GAH! I’ll be able to talk about it more in a few months and y’all will be in the know. WOOT!

  • De23 says:

    The classic flub story told by librarians is the student who asks for the book “Oranges and Peaches” by . . . Darwin.

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