Yay, Burpees!

Burpees in the rain at the CrossFit Central Women's Challenge in 2009

I (box) jumped back into the fray this week, after taking a break from intense workouts as part of my Healing Experiment. In addition to my yoga classes, I hit the craptastic gym twice for strength training and two mini metcons that involved box jumps, kettlebell swings, cleans, lunges with a plate overhead, and jump rope. It was exhilarating to work up a serious sweat.

My new Saturday morning plan includes a backyard CrossFit-style WOD, followed by my Hatha yoga class. See? I’m learning balance: hard work, then stretching. Good, right?

This morning, I decided my inaugural Saturday WOD would be four rounds of 400m run + burpees… but then I got the news about the Reebok CrossFit Games Open workout for the week. The Open is a competition for athletes around the world to take on weekly CrossFit workouts to quality them for Regional competitions. There are more than 55,000 athletes signed up this year. I am not one of them… but the Week One workout tempted me into giving it a go: max burpees in 7 minutes

I have this funny thing where I convince myself that “burpees aren’t that bad” — and something about it being one simple movement makes it seem like a low-stress workout… plus, it’s only seven minutes. How hard could that be?!

I joke, of course, because seven minutes of all-out burpees is the work of Satan.

And I’m so into it right now.

In preparation, I watched this video from Breaking Muscle; there are some really good ideas in these four minutes.

So, there you have it. My warmup starts at 7:30 a.m. tomorrow. At 7:45, I’ll start my timer, and by 7:52 a.m., it will all be over. I pledge right here, right now, to shout “Yay, burpees! on every rep.” I’ll post my final number here as proof of my torturous fun. Feel free to place wagers in the comments for how many burpees you think I can knock out in seven minutes. (Can’t get enough on my yammering about burpees? Check out the list of all my previous burpees posts.)

Anyone want to (virtually) join me for burpees tomorrow morning? Post to comments and lemme know…


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  • Beth says:

    Good luck! I’m off to my box in a few hours to tackle this. I have no idea what to expect, other than how happy I’m going to be when the clock hits 7 minutes! 🙂

  • wildshan says:

    I will guess 20. I have NO idea how many are possible, though, so that is no comment on your ability!!

    P.S. A delivery from Amazon.com is sitting in my desk drawer RIGHT NOW. Inside is a copy of Well Fed!! Hooray! Maybe my first cookup will happen this weekend.

  • JC says:

    45…(with a 45 second “I-might-actually-die-can’t-breathe” break around the 4 minute mark)…and you will stop shouting, “yay burpees!” around 18.

  • DanaG says:

    Yay, Burpees! No…not really. But I loved:

    “seven minutes of all-out burpees is the work of Satan.”

    I saw a games video of Kristin Cleaver and (?) Christy Phillips doing this wod. I’d just done burpees that morning, and watching made me hurt! Still….eventually this wod will show up for us,so go you!

    Also…a crisis has led me into my own healing experiment, so I’m re-reading your blog posts. Thanks.

  • Shannon says:

    Well, in two hours I will have just finished the burpee hell, or I’ll be dead. I love the “count your breaths” strategy and can tell you it works!! It keeps you from getting sucked into self-pity/whineyness. One of our coaches often suggests 5 reps, 5 breaths on tough workouts. I’ll be there by about 7:03, I think.

  • Lynne says:

    I considered doing this yesterday and will be cheering on others on Sunday. Maybe I’ll give it a whirl tomorrow afternoon. I’d guess you’d could hit 70+, but I agree with JC that you will at least change, if not suspend the “Yay, burpees!” cheer around the No. 18 mark. Have fun!

  • Caroline O says:

    Looks like the leaderboards at the crossfit games are showing about 124 for the leading female competitors.

    I am tempted to do this with you though I also hate burpees and have no hope of getting anywhere near 124.

  • Beth says:

    Yeah! I’m in. I have NO idea how many I can do, but I suspect I’ll feel like puking at 4 minutes. Also, I can’t join you at 7:30AM. It’s SATURDAY!! I’ll touch base with results around 10AM. 🙂 I suppose I’ll have to forego coffee prior too…..

  • Carrey says:

    We did this yesterday to start kettlebell class. 72 burpees later, I was ready for a nap! Kick butt, lady!

  • Jenn Casey says:

    Awesome! I bet you can do at least 70–10 per minute, right? I did it tonight (82) and kept repeating to myself “This is just a moment in time.” Somehow that made it seem not as bad.

  • Shannon says:

    73 burpees! And thanks for the positive mindset. My initial reaction to the workout was (multiple unprintables), but your post made me consider the bright side: Burpees are a workout I can do unmodified, so I can at least have ONE official Games score!

    For tomorrow: Be the turtle–slow and steady wins the race, keep moving, mark the ground if you’re doing the jump touches so you can jump without looking up–made a HUGE difference.

    Good luck!!! And, yeah burpees!!

  • Linda says:

    I say you’ll do at least 80! Good luck!

  • Kelly says:

    you are correct burpees are the work of Satan. I too think “oh how bad could it be” but by the 5th one I’m like “shoot me now” haha! Good Luck! Can’t wait to see how you do!

  • nalani says:

    Thanks for the invitation but I will decline for now. The video really helped me understand how to correctly do burpees. My Wednesday WOD included 50 burpees (which I did not complete). I will ask my Crossfit coach about these finer points.

    OT, have you tried Yin Yoga? This style concentrates on connective tissues of lower half of body and focuses on LETTING GO. I have been doing yin yoga for a year and it actually complements my Crossfit. Let me know what you think!

  • Olivia says:

    That video is awesome!! And you did really well with the challenge.

    I wish I had watched that last video before attempting to do 100 burpees earlier on this week. It took me about 15 minutes and I did them all wrong!!