Happy Lunar New Year


Monday, January 23 (tomorrow!) is the Lunar New Year, which marks the beginning of the new year in traditional Chinese culture (as well as Vietnamese and Korean, too). Now seems like a great time to whip up some Chinese-inspired dino-chow to celebrate the year of the dragon. (The Big Picture shares some pretty stunning photos from around the world.)

Chinese Fried (Cauliflower) Rice
This recipe uses pork, but you can also substitute any cooked chicken, fish, seafood, or beef.

Best Ever Stir Fry
Just follow these easy instructions to steam-sauté your favorite veggies — or try your hand at bok choy — then stir fry with some cooked protein and the Best Ever Stir Fry Sauce.

Paleo Egg Foo Yong
Truth be told, Egg Foo Yong is far more American than Chinese, but it’s Chinese-influenced and it’s delicious.

Cold Sesame (Cucumber) Noodles
This becomes a whole meal when you add cooked shredded chicken, beef, pork, or steamed shrimp. Grab your chopsticks!

I’m thinking about some Sesame Noodles for lunch and Egg Foo Yong for dinner. How about you?

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  • Andrea says:

    Egg Foo Yong is on the menu for lunch tomorrow! It is currently one of my favorites, especially with the sauce!

  • Sandra says:

    I am relatively to new the whole crossfit/Paleo world and have fallen in love with it!!! I received a copy of your cookbook as a gift and just made my first two recipes. The olive oil mayo and the Scotch eggs. They were AMAZING!!! So all I can say is a huge THANK YOU for both your blog and your cookbook… I look forward to reading and making more!

  • Your Chinese New Year menu has been officially sanctioned by a Chinese person — ME! Happy New Year!

  • Amy says:

    I too am a chinese takeout junkie (especially when I am sick!) Tonight I am going to make Chicken F’rice and Cucumber noodles!

  • Kate says:

    Great minds think alike! I marinated chicken stips in the best stir fry sauce ever last night and prepped cauliflower for fried rice. I am making dinner for my trying-to-go-paleo mom and sister 🙂 Now I am adding the sesame noodles! YUM! THanks!

    p.s. I made the spinach and meat muffins and ate 4 of them yesterday – soooo good!