Some of My Fave People & Blogs

Fave People: YOU

Wow, you guys. Seriously. Just wow!

I knew I had the coolest, smartest, most supportive blog readers around, but I’m seriously humbled and delighted by the positive response you’ve given Well Fed. Thank you so much for being part of our big adventure. Because of you, in our first week of sales, we’ve placed almost 1000 copies of Well Fed into kitchens all over the world. That is so… tremendous!


Fave Blogs

While I’m expressing my gratitude, I want to encourage you to visit the blogs that kindly reviewed Well Fed over the last seven days. These are just some of the online cohorts that I turn to for inspiration, advice, new ideas, and commiseration. They’re all in my RSS feed and well worth your time. If you like my blog and Well Fed, please visit them and support what they’re doing because I wouldn’t be here without them. Here are their reviews and some thoughts on why they’re on my go-to list.

Jeremy and Kathleen: Well Fed
You know Kathleen is the genius behind Well Fed‘s graphic design, but you should also know that she’s an utterly successful style/food/design blogger with a rabid following. And for good reason. Her posts are well-written, insightful, and accompanied by evocative photos. Every one of her posts strikes a strong emotional chord.

Livin’ La Vida Low Carb: Book Review: Well Fed By Melissa Joulwan
Jimmy Moore is the original, inimitable low-carb man.

Paleo Omaha: Are You Well Fed?
A comprehensive resource of paleo eating in Omaha (and anywhere!)

My Athletic Life: Well Fed, and Most Definitely, Well Loved
Tim Huntley launched “My Athletic Life” just a few months ago, but it’s quickly become a must-read for athletic motivation, inspiring athlete profiles, concrete how-to information, and excellent nutrition guidance — all from some of the best writers around the web.

Whole9: Melissa Joulwan Keeps You Well Fed
Mentors, health activists, superheroes, good people. I think you already know how much Melissa and Dallas Hartwig have helped me re-shape and restore my relationship with food and my body. Eating Whole30 style makes me happier; it’s as simple as that. But even though it starts with food, happy healthiness is about so much more than that. And Whole9 is the source for the comprehensive approach we need to take to live our best.

SmartSexyPaleo: Well Fed = Recipes for people
It’s totally appropriate that my favorite Aussie Jude named her blog “SmartSexyPaleo,” because she’s smart, sexy, and paleo. She’s also funny, charming, self-deprecating, intelligent, and honest. Follow her adventures as she embraces paleo, flirts with adventure, and gets to know herself… while letting us follow along on her journey.

Following My Nose: More Than Just Paleo Recipes in Well Fed!
I’ve said it before, and I remain firm: Patty from “Following My Nose” may be the nicest person on the internet. She shares recipes and the ins-and-outs of daily life with a sweetness you’ll like. And she’s the badass behind Chowstalker and Dessertstalker, vast collections of reader-submitted paleo recipes.

Nom Nom Paleo: Paleo Eats: 12/14/11 (A Well Fed Day)
Luscious food photos and a double-sassy attitude (with a healthy side dish of sweetness where her family is concerned), Nom Nom Paleo (the foodie and the blog) serves up amazingly yummy paleo food every day. EVERY. DAY. Yeah, she’s awesome like that.

Derby Life: Melissa “Melicious” Joulwan Takes Athlete Gruel To New Heights
This post shows what happens when worlds collide! It’s a mashup of my former Roller Derby existence with my current dino-chow stylings. Fun ensues.

Ginger Lemon Girl: Well Fed by Melissa Joulwan
Ginger Lemon Girl is gluten-free and she’s been creating original GF recipes for her blog since 2007. I’m hoping we can lure her to the full paleo way! She’s adorbs and smart. Enjoy!

Fuel as RX: Are you “Well Fed“?
Amy Kubal is a nutrition knowledge powerhouse. And if you’ve had the pleasure of meeting her in person, you know she’s a dynamo with a great sense of humor. Learn from the best, my friends.

Paleo Parents: We have now been Well Fed
With three wee ones that eat like cavemen and their own book on the way, the Paleo Parents could say this lifestyle is too hard. Instead, they blog about their fun adventures with an upbeat attitude and show parents everywhere, it’s worth the investment and really, it’s not so hard.

Whole Life Eating: Well Fed: Paleo Recipes for People Who Love to Eat
Tom D. is the posterboychef for the power of Whole30 eating. His blog is a deep source of Whole30-compliant recipes, and his writing is disarmingly honest and unpretentious. He’s a ridiculously nice, honest, real person — and that shines through in his blog.

Holly Would If She Could: Well Fed for 2012
Holly’s blog is a delight! Filled with inspiration, honesty, practical ideas, and cooking adventures, it’s like a burst of sunshine. She’s a good egg. And she’s lost more than 100 pounds, so if you’re looking for motivation around nutrition and training, she’s your girl.

So there you have it, the first batch of reviews and blogs that you might want to follow. Thanks, again, for making our first Well Fed week so thrilling. Happy eating and cooking to you!

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  • ms jane says:

    Yay!! Just ordered my copy. Gotta wait until Feb to receive it tho (boo) as I’m in Australia. Have a great xmas. Eat some lamb. xxx

    • Mel says:

      Sorry you have to wait!

      OMG. I love lamb. When you get your book, turn to the very last page. There’s an illustration you might like 😉

  • Stacy says:

    Aww, thank you! I love that you said “upbeat attitude” because it’s what we strive to achieve. So happy to have been a part of your “launch”. Can’t wait to try more recipes!

  • Lady A says:

    thanks to all the buzz Well Fed is getting, I’ve been introduced to a grip of new awesome blogs! Thanks, Melissa, for sharing more greatness!

  • Chowstalker says:

    Wow, congrats Mel on an amazing first week!! And I’m not the least bit surprised. The book exceeds my expectations, and they were pretty high!! I’m definitely making the Bora Bora fireballs to share with my family at Christmas, and I can’t wait to try more of the recipes. Thanks for the shout out and kind words…glad I give that impression on the internet b/c it’s so not the case IRL! 🙂

    • Mel says:

      I don’t believe it for a second, Patty. You’re far too sweet 😉

      Hope your fam likes the Bora Bora Fireballs. We had them on toothpicks as appetizers at our Well Fed party, and they disappeared!

  • pamela says:

    Lovely collection of reviews. Of course, it’s a lovely book, so that follows. I’m getting a copy from my mom for Christmas, and I had already ordered one as a gift for someone else. I love this book on so many levels. Each of these reviews hits at least one of them.

    • Mel says:

      Pamela! Thanks so much for the Well Fed love. I’m so excited, thinking about all of my readers near and dear having it in their hands. Wheeee!

  • katetastrophee says:

    I got my copy in the mail the other day and I took it to bed with me that night and read it cover to cover like a novel. I even put my head under the covers with a book light like a kid with a comic so I wouldn’t disturb my husband’s sleep. Love. It. Love it.
    Whole 30 (yay???) awaits me in January and your book is going to play a vital role. Vital like blood and oxygen and vodka. Okay, blood and oxygen.

    • dana g says:

      As another January Whole 30-er, your comment made me laugh. Ruefully.

    • Mel says:

      OMG! I love everything about this comment, esp. the vodka shout out. HELL, YEAH! But holy Whole30… it’s coming up. I’ll be joining you guys, so I’m excited. Maybe we should do a group cook-through of Well Fed!

  • Leslie says:


    Those Bora Bora Fireballs are so, so freaking good. I pride myself on possessing a certain amount of self control when it comes to food, but not with these bad boys.

    I could eat them (with delicious sunshine sauce) until I make myself sick.