Riding The Wave

Confession time. This morning, I did the thing I promised myself I wouldn’t do: I looked at the WOD as a way to decide if I was going to go to CrossFit Austin today. That is a big no-no. Sure, the end result was good. I went because I wanted to do a “waveload” of cleans – but the commitment to my workout is supposed to be made when I go to sleep at night, not in the morning, based on whether or not I like the WOD. Bad Mel!

Power Clean Waveload:
6-4-2-6-4-2-6-4-2, rest :90 between rep cycles
*increase weight each rep range
My weights: 55# – 65# – 75# – 65# – 75# – 75# – 65# – 75# – 75#

10 minutes on the minute:
1 handstand pushup (pike)
3 full hip cleans, 65#

Fun Cashout
:30 handstand hold on the wall

I’m heading into hormone poisoning, so my barbell technique this morning was a little whack. The best I can say about this workout is that I did it, and I have the sore hands to prove it. (My palms got soft during our vacation!) My “handstand pushups” – in the pike position with feet and hands on the floor… ridiculous! – totally suck. They feel like an utter waste of time. It’s also worth mentioning that I was quite nervous about kicking up into my wall handstand at the end. I attempted two handstands at CrossFit Praha and crashed collossally both times because I was too fatigued to lock out my arms, so it’s been a month since I got upside down.

But that, at least, went smoothly, once I’d talked myself into it.

Sigh. I’ve been giving myself lots of stern talks today. Hooray for being a girl, I guess.


How’s your training attitude today?


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  • Shannon says:

    Way to push through today! I, too, had trouble getting into the gym this morning. However I always feel great afterward and am thankful that I made myself workout. Gotta love the endorphins!

  • MelB says:

    Friday I hit our Crossfit and our skill set was military press, 4×12. Ee! Our workout was: one dumbbell complex (2 power cleans, 1 front squat, 2 push press), then your partner goes. Start with a light weight, and every time you cycle through, increase the weight of the db’s. We got from 10 to 35 lb, and I failed the second 35 lb clean, but I can front squat that weight. Push press was also failed. Oh well!

    Then the “functional” part begins – yesterday after work, my boyfriend got home and we started ripping the dashboard off our (new to us) truck in order to replace the heater core. Today is finishing that job, ripping carpet up from the duplex we just bought, and probably hauling/installing some European no-glue vinyl floor in the rental unit… thank goodness for functional fitness!