Still Hate You, Thrusters

Given that thrusters are a mashup of two of my favorite movements – front squat and push press – I should really like them. But, it’s not to be. I’ve made it clear plenty of times before that I have no love for thrusters. I’ve tried to feel compassion for the oft-hated thruster, but to no avail. They remain dead to me… even when I enjoy a big thruster triumph like this one.

But this video from Jason Khalipa got me thinking: what if I tried to perfect my thruster? Would that turn it from a nemesis to an ally? It worked with box jumps.

At the very least, working on thruster form will give me something to think about besides, I hate thrusters! I hate thrusters! while I’m doing them. That alone is worth the 3-minute commitment it takes to watch the video.

In addition to some pretty useful advice, this clip also includes judicious use of minor cuss words, which means it gets an A+ from me. Thanks, Jason! (And thanks to CrossFit Praha for sharing this video on their blog.)

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  • I have always felt like I have no explosiveness (and it’s harder when I’m tired), but after doing Fran again on Monday, I think the problem is starting the press before my hips are through. There is no explosiveness at the point. And it screws up the drop into the front squat as well. I tend to jump the gun because all I’m thinking about is getting the bar over my head.

    I want to add some weight next time, and I think I can do it if I fully finish the front squat at the top BEFORE I press. Thanks for posting the video. That really helps.

    P.S. I will always hate thrusters. And I’m so glad you are back!!

  • Superman Dan says:

    I have been training with Jason for over 2 years now. I hated the thruster! My brother thought it would be funny to introduce me to CF with Fran. I think it resulted in a case of rabdo… I digress. Starting with Jason I struggled to thrust 65bls confidently. With his fine coaching and my desire to master the movement I now confidently push 165 bls and have maxed out at 185. I kind of look forward to using them in my WODs now.

    • Mel says:

      Superman Dan! Thanks for stopping by.

      That is some serious progress on thrusters. Right on!

      I’m actually hoping thrusters show up in a WOD soon so I can try Jason’s tips.

  • Becca says:

    thanks for sharing this vid. I’ve never actually done Thrusters before… but I think this post gave me the motivation to try them!

  • Renee says:

    This thruster discussion has me thinking, with a bit of trepidation, of my goal to do Fran for my combo 1 year crossfit anniversary and 59th birthday. I like thrusters because they work my whole body all at one time. But since I’ve yet to Rx and hit all the reps, maybe when I do get to that it will be a different story. Love your recipies and blog and looking forward to your book.

    • Mel says:

      Fran seems like a pretty vicious way to “celebrate” but I have to admit, I find the idea kind of appealing, too. Congrats on the fact that you’re CONSIDERING Fran for your 59th birthday. I’m pretty sure that 100% qualifies you as a superhero.

      Thanks for the blog/recipe/book love. I appreciate it very much!