(Un)Lucky 7s

Fun Fact: I like odd numbers more than even numbers, and my favorite odd number is 7. Dave and I were married on July 7, 2007 (7/7/7!), and a 7 on the comeout roll of a craps game is very lucky indeed.

I should have enjoyed a lucky streak in today’s WOD! It’s so symmetrical and so filled with odd numbers: 7 rounds, 3 exercises, 7 reps.

7 rounds:
200m row
7 burpees
200m run
7 wall ball, 10#
200m run
7 kg swing, 16kg
*high effort on row & run, recovery effort on exercises

My time: 39:something, minus 2:40 for a bathroom break

Indelicate Fact: Sometimes when I have hormone poisoning, my… um… bathroom patterns… are interrupted.

So there I was, chugging along on the WOD. I was first off the rowers, moved through the burpees, and first out the door to run! I obediently followed the instructions to use the burpess, wall balls, and swings as recovery, and did my best to haul ass as much as possible on the 200m running intervals.

I was feeling like a winner! Until the last run on round 3, when my tummy started to rumble, and it became very clear that I needed to use the bathroom before I could continue with the rest of the WOD. I didn’t want to stop, but really, REALLY, I had no choice.

So I took a bathroom break in the middle of the WOD.

I know! Unheard of!

To accompany the extreme ego pain I suffered, that pit stop added 2:40 to my time. Astute readers will note that 2:40 is made of even numbers. See? Even numbers are out to get me.


I picked up where I left off and finished the WOD, barely squeaking in under the 40-minute cutoff.

Completed: 49 burpees, wall balls, and swings, along with the even-numbered purgatory of 600m of rowing and 2800m of running.

Have you ever taken a bathroom break in the middle of a timed WOD?


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  • emily rose says:

    Yes! Jumproping makes me need to pee, which is super annoying during WODs with double-unders. I’m sure I’m not the only one…

    • Karen says:

      OMG! Hate, hate when it comes to jumproping due to this same exact problem, never wanted to say anything, figured I was the only one.

  • I was so afraid you were getting sick! Then I thought, Mel would just puke out here and keep running. It must be something else. I didn’t feel well either. We went to Fogo de Chao last night. I just had the salad bar, but it didn’t matter. Ugh. Gross. Mistake.

    We all get serious Badass Points for getting this one done, however we did it. It was so innocent looking on the board…and a total nightmare when the clock started!

  • Lauren says:

    HAHA Mel! I love this post. I laughed out loud about the bathroom break. That WOD sounds seriously brutal…. good for you.

  • Beth says:

    I have this “issue” too and thought I was crazy for the longest time. I was excited to come across the cause in TS Wiley’s “Lights Out”. Without being too graphic, the gut bacteria that survive on sex hormones are washed away during hormone poisoning as there is nothing for them to eat and survive on.

  • Batgirl says:

    Absolutely – while blood and guts is very Crossfit, feminine paranoia has sent me scurrying to the loo, as has my habit of attempting to make up for lousy workday hydration on my way to the box!

  • Emilie says:

    Pretty sure this is more common (but no less embarrassing) than most people think. At my old box in FL one of the trainers referred to it as “getting your fear out”. Deadlifts and squats are the worst, as illustrated by this baby… https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=231487960233493&set=a.127705157278441.23950.127701960612094&type=1&theater

  • De23 says:

    My Crossfit gym has a supply of pads in the bathroom, not really there for …that… but for double-unders!

    And re: 7’s – it wasn’t one of my favorite numbers, but my son was born on 7/7/00, so on 7/7/7 he turned, yep, 7. So I’d say it’s *his* lucky number, at least!

  • Geoff says:

    I had that happen to me twice in a week a few months ago! Once in the middle of the round of burpees during the Filthy Fifty. Rushed to the bathroom, made with the blasty-blast, and came back and finished. It was definitely one of those moments where I realized how badly I needed to clean up my diet, and since I have I haven’t had any issues like that.

  • Carrey Bull says:

    I had that same thing happen on my last Helen. So annoying!

  • Mary says:

    Oh man. I have had THAT happen to me once. But I have to have the nervous pre-WOD pee every time or I get stressed out.

  • Kat says:

    Not yet, but I’ve only been CrossFitting for 2 months.

    I have however taken countless potty breaks during traning runs, races.

    When you gotta go, you gotta go.

  • Mel says:

    It’s so nice to know I’m not alone in needing to use the bathroom at the MOST inconvenient time.

    I also need to pee, like, ALL THE TIME. I joke that it’s not that I’m a slow cyclist or runner. My triathlon times were long because I had to stop to pee so many times! (And as I’ll never finish first, I couldn’t bring myself to just go as I was going, if you know what I mean.)