That Workout? What A Jerk!

Oh, man! I remember the raw power of being in third grade and calling someone a jerk on the playground at recess (in response to them trying to rip the centerfold of Shaun Cassidy in the new issue of Tiger Beat!). “Jerk” was the most insulting insult I could muster up, and the hard K at the end just kinda hung in the air. I’m thinking of bringing jerk back to my vocabulary. It’s so quaint, plus I love a word that’s both a noun and a verb.

Today, my double-unders were being big jerks. During the workout, I only managed to string together two or three before the rope got caught on my feet or whipped my arms or, most embarrassing and frustrating of all, simply didn’t spin fast enough and flopped onto my head. Is there anything as exasperating as knowing how to do double-unders in your noggin, but not being able to do them in a workout?!

Naturally, when the workout was over, and I was screwing around, I did 17 picture-perfect, unbroken double-unders. Jerks!

Happily, the jerks were not jerks; they were awesome.

3 sets:
10 seated DB press, 25# DBs, rest :90
10 American swings, 20kg KB, rest 2:00

5 rounds:
300m run
30 double-unders or 90 singles
3 jerks @ 70-75%, 70#
My time: 15:32

Ahem. THIS was the object of my 8-year-old affection. I would sit on the floor of my bedroom, with my head right next to the speaker, gazing at the album cover and Shaun’s feathered hair. [The white satin pants – and ohmygod are those espadrilles on his feet?! – in the video are really… something.] It’s all a far cry from Mr. Mike Ness, no?

Any jerks or jerks in your workout today?


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  • Kelly says:

    ahh yes – Shaun Cassidy. In 3rd grade I had the album cover hanging over my bed. My girlfriend and I would take it down and kiss it! LOL!

  • Mel says:

    Hey yeah! Clean & jerks! I also discovered that, during long jumps, my knees wobble OUTwards instead of the normal problem people suffer, which is that their knees wobble INwards. My friend/trainer reminded me that I am built differently from other people. (I am naturally extremely turned-out from the hips down, and this caused lots of knee pain & injuries from gymnastics when I was little up through skiing a few years ago. Thanks to Crossfit, I can haz knee-supporting-muscles!)

  • Steph says:

    Oh yes, His Shaunness. I was soooo in love with him in 2nd grade, and loved the video. My daughter (also in 2nd grade) watched it with me and thought he was revolting. Thanks for posting it!

  • Mom says:

    He is not so far off from Grayson Chance either who’s concert I had to sit through last weekend with your 13 year old niece, Pepper…..
    thank you very much!

  • Natalie says:

    I was in love with him when I was 4, my sister loved Leif Garrett. Double-unders get me every time. I still can’t do them when I think about them, and when I do do them without thinking no one is around to watch and congratulate me. Sucks!

  • Hi!

    I read your blog a lot and enjoy your recipes as well as your posts. I think I remember somewhere on your posts that you have been involved in roller derby. I thought of you when I heard about this from a member of my church, a Unitarian Universalist (UU) church in Pasadena. I found UUism while living in Austin. Found CrossFit from friends whom I met in Austin. Met my husband while living here too. Lots of good things happen in Austin!


    P.S. I’ve only started to get single double-unders.

  • Melissa M says:

    I hate when double unders don’t cooperate! Happens to me a lot. I did a workout today that was 5 rounds for time of 35 double unders and 200m runs. I was SO frexcited(!) to get the first set of 35 double unders unbroken. I almost made a scene in the gym, but instead jogged out to do my 200 m run like a victory lap. My time wasn’t super fast (I am a slow runner) but I was so happy for nailing that first set of DUs, which often give me a lot of trouble. My husband is coaching me on improving my DU form and I guess it’s helping!

  • Judi says:

    Okay so this has nothing to do with your blog post but I just noticed off to the right your book list and that you love The Historian. I didn’t know anyone else even knew about this book!!! It is one of my absolute favorites, I’ve probably read it about a dozen times. It’s so captivating and pulls me in every time. She is amazing at subtle description so you can picture it with your minds eye. Simply a stunning piece of literature and so excited (obviously) that someone else enjoys it as much as I did. I actually found it on a random trip into a used out of the way bookstore and paid a whopping 2 bucks for it. Best. Money. Ever. Spent. 🙂

  • Amy says:

    “Jerk” always makes me think of George’s outburst on Seinfeld: “The jerk store called – they’re outta YOU!”