Mistaks Are Gud

Working on the cookbook is exhilarating and humbling and scary and silly fun and delicious and exhausting and rewarding and a GIANT LEARNING EXPERIENCE. Dave and I are cooking some incredibly tasty food and making photo that are so gorgeous and light-infused, I want to eat them. We’re also making mistakes all over the place. Big ones, little ones, some we could have predicted, others that clobbered us right in a blind spot.

But we’re making stuff. And that feels gud.

Reelly, realy gud.

So, friends, be bold of heart! Try lots of stuff and make lots of stuff and take calculated risks and gamble on crazy chances and revel in the messy mistakes you might make. Drop a barbell. Try a new vegetable. Attempt a ring dip. Ask that cute stranger out for a cup of coffee. You’ll not only survive it, you’ll thrive because of it.

(Thanks, once again, to thingsweforget.blogspot.com for putting Important Things To Remember into post-it note form.)


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  • Lisa says:

    Thank you for this brief post that really hit home. Before going gluten free, I was a “survival cook.” I made eggs in the morning and occasionally experimented with my crock pot. Some results were okay and others were inedible. My husband teases me about altering recipes, either because I don’t have all the ingredients or I don’t like some of the ingredients called for. However, as you pointed out, it all boils down to experience. Some baking projects were disasters! But the latest dish a few weeks ago–lemon squares–came out good looking, and great tasting! The husband loved them! Oh, by the way, I altered the recipe and it was a success, and I couldn’t wait to remind him that juggling with the ingredients can sometimes yield happy results, or even happy accidents.

  • JL says:

    One of my proudest days at CrossFit was being able to post on the PR wall that I bailed out of a 1RM lift. I’d never truly gotten to my 1RM on a lift because I was too scared to bail and drop the bar! That was a very proud moment. It was a 95# squat clean 1RM. And guess what? I tried it again and got it. And tried it two more times and maxed at 100#.


    • Mel says:

      Boy, do I hear that! I have a very difficult time getting to my 1RM because I get scaredy-cat. I, too, was really proud of myself the day I found my true 1RM my failing big time on a clean.

      Congrats on your 100# max. That’s awesome! I’m stuck at 90 right now… but next time, I’m going for the true 1RM!