Friday Flashback: Convictions And Goals And Knowing Oneself

I’ve been blogging here since 2008, and – if I do say so myself – there’s some good stuff in my archive that you might have missed. On Fridays, I’m going to take you on a Friday Flashback and point you to some good stuff from the checkered past of The Clothes Make The Girl.

Convictions And Goals And Knowing Oneself

Originally posted on January 12, 2009, this post explores my definition of the difference between “fun” and “happy.” It’s a theme that comes up a lot around our house because I’m forever trying to balance my innate desire to “have fun” – which can take the form of eating popcorn, staying up late, watching back-to-back episodes of “Fringe,” or breaking out the frozen vodka – versus things that I know will make me truly happy, like doing yoga, sticking to my strength training plan, eating clean (and yummy) food, getting at least eight hours of sleep, and reading great books.

I’m glad to report that since I wrote this post, the tension between the two extremes has eased a bit. I rarely feel as conflicted as I seem in my 2009 post. Pursuing the happiness path feels more natural than it did then and is a far lighter burden than it was. Look at that! It only took two years (and a lifetime) to change my perspective. If you’re just starting on some new habits, do not despair – it really does get easier if you can ride out the discomfort.

Here’s a snippet from my 2009 post:

I’m clinging to the idea of the hard routine with my fingernails today, people. The temptation to have fun is battling my desire to be happy. I know I’d rather be happy, but that doesn’t make the decisions any easier.


I’m missing our Karaoke Apocalypse show and band photo shoot at the Beauty Bar tonight so I can get a good night’s sleep and wake up early to do my workouts (in the cold and dark, I might add [in a petulant tone].)

But as a wise CrossFitter once said, “There is value in not getting everything you want.”

Flashback to the whole post here:
Convictions And Goals And Knowing Oneself



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  • Jude says:

    How interesting that I’d never contemplated the difference between fun and happy like that!

    Love this glimpse from the archives and PS Karaoke Apocalypse sounds AWESOME! Maybe I’ll have to check one out when I’m over??

    • Mel says:

      It took me a while to sort out the fun vs. happy thing, but once Dave and I started using that language, it made it pretty easy to assess different options. When we start having too much “fun” — which usually leads to not enough rest and recovery — we know we have to dial it back and focus on “happy” behaviors. The best is when the two are the same, like a run on the cobblestones in Prague, or a big dino-chow dinner party with friends. But sometimes, it’s great to just dive into no-thinking fun, too.


      Yes! It would be awesome to have you rockin’ the mic at Karaoke Apocalypse!

      • Jude says:

        It is an important distinction! I think it has been too long since I have had fun like that, that it isn’t an issue – but you know, with my life changing the way it is, I need to be aware of the difference!

        *sigh* I miss the mic alot. I spent a few years as a gigging jazz singer and went to uni to study jazz. Been so long since i’ve done it that it feel like a forgotten language!

        Maybe that’s some fun+happy I need to chase 🙂

  • LIzzie says:

    DOOOOD ….. I hear ya !! …. Fun= couple glasses of wine while on a trip at my parents’ house and a few crappy kettlebell workouts …. happy= sleeping in my own bed at home and good workouts the next day … !!!! arrrrggghhhh !!!
    Can’t wait to get home 🙂

    • Mel says:

      I hope you’ve had such a good time having FUN — and I wish you many great nights of happy sleep and kickass happy workouts when you’re back home.