Right On Time

Pretty great message, right?!

I don’t know about you, but if I’m not careful, I can mindlessly toss myself into the spin cycle of regret, churning on things like…

I wish I’d never abandoned my old web site; I’d be so much further along by now!

I can’t believe I lost more than a year to this stupid thyroid stuff. It’s like I’ve been running in place for a year! Why even bother eating clean and training so hard if my body isn’t going to change?

Why did we move to Austin? How will we ever get back to the Bay area? We should never have left the houseboat.

Why did I wait so long to start strength training? I’d be so much stronger/leaner/better now if I’d started sooner.

There is zero value in that kind of thought. Everything we experience – whether we like it or not – moves us forward.

That old web site helped me land my first “big time” job, and that job – along with all those that followed – taught me tons of things I use every day to make my current blog better… and to keep a roof over my head while I transform from corporate overlords’ minion to barn-burnin’ blogger.

The thyroid stuff has taught me patience, along with compassion for myself and others. It’s also forced me to separate my self-worth from my weight, my advancement in the gym, and the number of to-do items I can check off in one day. I don’t like the way I learned these lessons, but I’m grateful for the knowledge.

We’re feeling the itch to escape Austin’s heat and languid approach to life – and I desperately miss the scenery and temperatures of the San Francisco Bay – but Austin granted us many gifts: time to play music, time to write, best-quality friends, a cute little house, and a manageable lifestyle that allows us to try things with low risk… which is very difficult to do while working 12+ hours per day just to pay rent. (I’m looking at you, San Francisco.)

I started strength training at the exact moment I was ready to start strength training. It took a while for me to warm up to the idea because that damn monster that’s always sneaking around behind me thought I wouldn’t be able to handle it. That I didn’t have the time. That I should be running for hours instead. As soon as I realized the monster was wrong, I was at the gym, in my Converse, racking the bar.

Right on time.

Each action happened just when it was supposed to – and each reaction came when it should.

I love the phrase “And now is right on time” in Tyson’s quote.

Now. Here. Things are happening. Right on time.



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