What’s That In Danzigs?

Have you ever wondered how to convert various quantities into Danzigs? Wonder no more. This little calculator has the answer to the burning question: What’s That In Danzigs?

Next time you run a 400m lap to warm up for your CrossFit workout, you can think of it as 250 Danzigs instead. That 1-liter bottle of water you guzzle afterward? THAT’S NOT EVEN ONE DANZIG.

And if you’re wondering what the devil a Danzig is, feast your eyes and ears…

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  • Meghann says:

    Bwhahahaha! I’m gonna calculate how many jam points I score on Saturday (oh wait, it will be 0 since I’m not jamming this time…whew!)

    • Mel says:

      Wishing you an awesome game! Be safe but don’t be careful 😉

      I always had a love-hate with jamming, too. So much less stress to bash people as a blocker.

      Send news after the bout!