Tall Socks – Free Shirt

Until I became a Rollergirl, I didn’t understand the true value of knee socks. Worn over fishnets and under knee pads, the tall socks not only looked Sassy McSasserson, they also protected our bony shins when we smashed into the skating rink floor.

Imagine my fashion excitement when I realized that my second-favorite bad girl accessory (Oh, fishnets! You will always be #1 in my heart.) are also super helpful for CrossFit and strength training. What better way to protect our shins from barbell abrasions AND send a message about our innermost thoughts?!

Now knee socks are providing another little benefit… potentially a free t-shirt and, even better, bragging rights.

PaleoDudes Contest

The dudes behind PaleoDudes are sponsoring a Knee High Socks Contest. Just submit a photo of your socks, then users vote, and the winner gets a PaleoDudes t-shirt and BRAGGING RIGHTS. It’s all in good fun – why not submit a photo yourself… or at least vote for me in my BAD ASS socks.

And should you need some new socks for inspiration, I recommend SockDreams.com. (You can read my previous letter to SockDreams.com here.)

Right now, I’m seriously lusting after these:



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