The Beauty of "Dumb Blind Luck"

Today’s Gratitude List

October was a rough month, personally and professionally. I saw my recipes reprinted without my permission or attribution on other web sites... I wasn't eating...

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Ira Glass on Being Creative

This video is applicable to anyone trying to do anything new. Great. Special. Unusual. Whether it's re-shaping your body, re-forming your relationship with food, conquering...

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  • Barbara says:

    I love everything about this photo and now I want a Tufty or Rusty of my very own:)

  • Richard C. says:

    A great reminder for this hobbyist that sometimes the best shots are coincidental and for which cannot be planned. And, yes, I think a couple of "coos" in the back yard would be cool.

  • Erin Clare says:

    No lie… that dude looks EXACTLY like my bro in his twenties (pre-army). bad ass!