Oh, Good! There’s Time For Squats, Too

Wednesday night pre-bed ritual:
1. Drink Natural Calm
2. Eat 1 tablespoon of Sunbutter
3. Brush teeth
4. Squeeze Smudge
5. Check Twitter for workout
6. Dream about the weight to use for deadlifts 

CrossFit Women Workout
TABATA! :20 on/:10 off for eight rounds

Unlike when we did the 2010: A Tabata Odyssey workout and took a break in between tabata sets, this morning, we went straight from one exercise to the next. No extra break. Ten seconds in between… 3-2-1- GO!


The RX was body weight deadlift, but I’ve been working my DL form with sets of five at 135 – and that’s my body weight only in my dreams. I decided to start with 135 and see what happened.

Here’s what happened: After three rounds, I shucked 10 pounds off the bar and did the remainder with 125. That was plenty hard enough, and it allowed me to work on my form.

I don’t like doing heavy, heavy tabata. I feel like tabatas are meant to be fast and furious, and throwing around heavy barbells quickly seems like a recipe for disaster.

My DL numbers: 5 – 5 – 4 – 3 – 4 – 4 – 3 – 4


After the DLs, the burpees were actually a welcome relief, and I was totally consistent on them. I tried really hard to get just one more on the last round, but it didn’t happen.

My burpee numbers: 5 every round


Coach Jen decided we should “rest” in the halfway position, so there was no true rest involved. I used the ab mat, soles of my feet together, arms up overhead.

My situp numbers: 11 – 11 -11 -11 -11 -11 -11 -12 (ha!)

That should have been the end. But we had time left, so Jen sent us into squat mode.


Again, our “rest” was in the contracted position, i.e., at the bottom of the squat. THAT’S NOT REST!

My legs were on fire, and on the first round, I slacked. But Coach Jen was squatting, too, and I decided to kick it into high gear and match her (totally fresh, didn’t do the other three rounds) pace. Which just goes to show you (me!), if I stop being a freakin’ baby, I can get some good stuff done.

My squat numbers: 13 – 14 – 15 – 16 – 17 – 17 – 17 – 18

I worked my kipping swing a little today. I had nothin’… but I’m not too discouraged. Some days are like that.

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  • Steph H says:

    We have been doing a ton of DLs too. My trainer says I think too much about them – but man, I am thinking about my back to be honest!

  • Amber says:

    Oh god, bottom to bottom tabata squats are killer. And you rock!

  • Jesse Richards says:

    Wow, four rounds of tabatas? Just reading that makes me want to shoot myself. Nice numbers!

  • Melissa 'Melicious' Joulwan says:

    Steph, I'm pretty sure at this point that I'm overthinking my DL. My goal when I do them on Monday is to just "pick it up" 'cause when I do them with no weight, they're perfect. I'm going to pretend there's no weight on the bar. What could be easier?!

    Amber, Today was my first day doing bottom to bottom tabata squats. I can't say I'm a fan 😉

    Jesse, Yes, four rounds. With no long breaks. It was pretty awful-awesome.

  • Anniebug, bugger or BUG. says:

    I had never done Tabata before last night and this was our post workout. We did Tabata Deadlift for 3 rounds and it was rough. Just when I thought I had accomplished the lift, I slap on 95 lb and it's back to round-back city for me! ARGH.

  • Anniebug, bugger or BUG. says:

    PS. I never did understand how the deadlifting your weight was supposed to go. I mean, that to me sounds NUTS. Maybe someday, hopefully, I will get it and then DO IT.

  • Melissa 'Melicious' Joulwan says:

    I'm with you, BUG: Body weight seems really heavy for tabata. But I watched Chardonnay do it in class in front of me like the bar was made of feathers. So… yeah. We just gotta keep working it, I guess.