That’s Fit: Tricks to Avoid Halloween Treats

That’s Fit is a fitness and nutrition blog in the AOL network – and one of my blog posts is live today.

Tricks to Avoid Halloween Candy

Candy is a nutritional wasteland, but… sometimes a little treat is the indulgence we need to stay on track the rest of the time. My Weight Watchers meeting leader Pam Wood has given our group a lot of great advice over the years. While my personal eating habits have evolved beyond the WW program, the coping mechanisms I learned in my early Saturday morning meetings are still wicked relevant. I interviewed Pam for the piece about Halloween candy so y’all could see what she has to say about indulging the right way.

For me, instead of candy – ’cause you know I’m holding out for the Thanksgiving bacon bourbon brownies – I’m roasting pumpkin seeds with cumin and watching Twilight. That movie seems sticky-sweet and junky enough to satisfy my sweet tooth by proxy.

Will you be indulging in Halloween candy? If yes, post to comments and let us know what it’s gonna be (’cause you’re gonna pick something really good, right?)

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